The first Earth Day back in 1970 was an auspicious day for me. I felt great joy that there was a national initiative to protect and celebrate the Earth. 

Unfortunately, 52 years later, many of the original Earth Day initiatives have yet to be fulfilled. While the environmental movement has made some headway, many crises continue to be ignored and deprioritized in favor of capitalistic gain. 

In the midst of this game over darkness, I do see a brilliant glimmer of light.  It’s the Benefit Corporation and B-Corp Certification. Unlike other entities that have a legal obligation to maximize profits for shareholders, the Benefit Corporation has a binding obligation to people, planet and profits. 

On April 22, 2022, I am ecstatic to announce that we are hiring a B-Corp consultant and starting down the road to become a B-Corp Certified Benefit Corporation. We will keep you posted.

Essential Oxygen’s commitment to the very cleanest ingredients has been the primary way that we have loved on the planet until now. We are proud of this crystalin cornerstone of our brand but want to do so much more. 

Bottom line, Essential Oxygen chooses to be a force for good and help to manifest a healthy planet that nurtures ALL of its people.

Kate Linforth, Founder & CEO

Essential Oxygen

April 22, 2022