Collection: BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish

Brush away surface stains, reduce tartar and keep your smile bright and white. You’ll love the exceptionally fresh, minty flavor of BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish!

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  • The Pristine Protocol: The 3-Step System for Your Best Smile Ever!
    essential oxygen pristine protocol tooth polish, organic mouthwash, organic toothpaste
  • BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish
    essential oxygen best tooth polish for whitening teeth
  • BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish (Pack of 2)
    essential oxygen br tooth polish for whitening teeth
  • The Pristine Protocol Plus
    essential oxygen pristine protocol organic mouthwash, organic toothpaste, tooth polish
  • Abrasion Control Paste and Polish Pack Peppermint
    essential oxygen br organic toothpaste and br tooth polish for whitening teeth