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Save 15% off your first order of Essential Oxygen organic oral care products powered by Hydrogen Peroxide! 

"Essential Oxygen's BR Organic Mouthwash helps fight gum disease with the added benefit of whitening your teeth and it tastes good! My patients have had some amazing, quick results with this rinse. I use it on a regular basis and recommend it to my patients."

- Dr. Joan Sefcik, DDS, Past President, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine


More and more patients are seeking organic or holistic oral care products that are effective. They demand products free of fluoride, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other chemicals. Show patients you care about the quality of products you offer.

BR | Organic Mouthwash is the #1 selling natural mouthwash. Using the power of hydrogen peroxide (1%) it is effective for whitening, reduces plaque build up and protects against the spread of germs during patient visits!

BR | Organic Toothpaste is the LOWEST ABRASION toothpaste on the market, making it gentle on enamel and ideal for those with tooth sensitivity (RDA = 12).

BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish helps reduce tartar and stains to give teeth that extra sparkle!



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  • BR | Organic Toothpaste Peppermint
    organic toothpaste peppermint
  • BR | Organic Mouthwash Peppermint
    essential oxygen br rinse organic mouthwash brushing rinse peppermint 16 ounces
  • The Pristine Protocol: The 3-Step System for Your Best Smile Ever!
    essential oxygen pristine protocol tooth polish, organic mouthwash, organic toothpaste
  • BR | Organic Mouthwash Wintergreen
    buy essential oxygen organic mouthwash BR rinse fluoride free wintergreen 16 ounces
  • BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish
    essential oxygen best tooth polish for whitening teeth
  • BR | Organic Mouthwash Cinnamint
    essential oxygen br rinse organic mouthwash brushing rinse cinnamint 16 ounces
  • BR | Organic Toothpaste Wintergreen
    organic toothpaste wintergreen flavor