essential oxygen food grade hydrogen peroxide 3 percent 32 ounce spray bottle

HP | Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade, 3% (32oz Spray)

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HP | Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade, 3%,  32 oz. Spray is the perfect solution for cleaning every household, especially during COVID-19. With none of the toxic stabilizers found in brown bottle varieties, our food grade hydrogen peroxide is the cleanest way to clean without leaving any irritating odors!


Clean high touch surfaces, groceries, produce, use for first aid, laundry, plants, and pets! Non-toxic cleaner, no wiping necessary, no residue and it's planet positive! The CDC & EPA advocate hydrogen peroxide as effective against COVID-19 & its variants.


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Learn about our 3% food grade H2O2: the perfect household solution that is the cleanest way to clean everything.

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