Mother’s Day Green Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide green eco

This Mother’s Day, keep Mother Earth in mind and get your mom something eco-friendly. After you’ve chosen a gift, don’t forget: Momma Gaia will be thankful if you choose up-cycled/reused wrapping or none at all!


For Busy Moms

  • Light of Day Organic Tea 
    • Help mom check everything off her to-do list with the gift of small batch handcrafted certified organic tea, grown and packaged in Northern Michigan. Light of Day teas exceptionally high quality botanicals are hand-harvested and packaged with love. The loose-leaf teas come in domestically manufactured  polished silver tins and they use local sources for soy-based ink labels and other packaging needs using eco-friendly sustainable materials.
  • Organic Grocery Delivery – Thrive
    • Help busy busy moms save time by sparing them the inevitably long lines at the grocery store. Thrive Market is a great option for organic and healthy groceries, and a one year subscription makes a great gift to save not only time but money thanks to their jaw-dropping low prices.

thrive market organic grocery delivery

For Fashionista Moms

  • Movable Boutique
    • Handcrafted, eco-conscious goods from all over the world can be found at The Movable Boutique, an ever-relocating boutique located in an iconic renovated Airstream. From sustainably sourced feather jewelry to fair trade hand beaded necklaces from the Zulu Tribe of Africa, you will find the most unique and beautiful pieces for moms of any style type.
  • Indosole Shoes
    • Your mom will get a lot of miles out of her new Indosole shoes because they’re made with re-purposed tires from third world countries and seem to last forever! If your mom hangs out at the yacht club get her the Prahu style, and we love the Ikhanna sandals paired with a summer dress. As a certified B-Corp, Indosole purchases are helping the greater good of people and planet in many ways.

indosole shoes

For New Moms

  • Amber Artisans Necklaces 
    • Baltic Amber soothes teething babies and has been a growing trend lately for natural teething remedies. Perfect for new moms, this gift is both functional for their teething little ones and a beautiful hand-made jewelry piece.
  • Babysitting Services / Prenatal or Postnatal Massages
    • Gifting services like massage or child care are the best gifts new or expecting moms can receive. New moms cherish time to do something for themselves, especially something like the pampering and healing touch of massage.


For Green Thumb Moms

  • DIY Gardening Apron
    • Call upon your crafting skills to make mom an up-cycled apron with pockets for tools and seeds. You can find aprons and extra cloth to make the pockets at second hand stores to give a second life to, and the gardening apron will also help protect mom’s attire from gardening stains.


For Cleanliness-is-Godliness Moms

  • Essential Oxygen 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (FGHP)
    • Moms love FGHP because it’s the cleanest way to clean EVERYTHING! It’s great for cleaning baby toys, washing produce, doing laundry, and disinfecting the house the all-natural, non-toxic way so your surfaces, food, and textiles remain chemical and bacteria free.

Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning


  • Farm Girl Flowers 
    • By far the most beautiful flowers we have seen, Farm Girl Flowers are purchased fresh daily from small, local farmers all over the country. They’re delivered via bike or scooter and are sure to bring a big smile to mom’s face. We truly can’t get over how amazing they are, they’re stunning, seriously!


Happy Mother’s Day Mom!



Emmi at Essential Oxygen

WooHoo – HP32! Essential Oxygen 3% Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Now in a 32 Oz. Eco-Economical Refill Size!


Since there are so many uses for our 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide making it THE must-have product for every household, we made a bigger bottle! Plus, the bigger size means less plastic used and you get twice as much for half the price! Welcome to the product family, eco-economic refill size HP32!

With none of the toxic stabilizers found in non-food grade, brown bottle varieties, Essential Oxygen 3% Hydrogen Peroxide is the cleanest way to clean…everything.

Now that you can get it in bulk, don’t be afraid to try HP in new ways. Use it for first aid, washing food, household surfaces, laundry, baby gear / children’s toys, plants, pets, and more! Stock up for holiday cooking, cleaning, and of course the inevitable wine spills. Save the environment and your money by re-using your HP dispensers or spray bottles and refilling with an HP32.

Clean cleaner confidently when you use HP because it has NO toxic stabilizers like tetra sodium phosphate, sodium stagnate, acetanilide, or phenol. Use your 32 ounces on:

  • Mouth/Throat Health – Gargle with ⅓ oz at the first sign of a sore throat.
  • Ear Health – Tilt head, pour 1/8 oz in ear for 1 min. Repeat in other ear.
  • Cuts – Spray or dab ¼ oz with soaked cotton ball.
  • Veggies – Add 3 oz to sink or bowl of water and soak for 1-20 min.
  • Sprouts – Add 1 oz to sprout soaking or rinsing water.
  • Nuts/Grains – Add 2 oz to water and soak for 1-24 hours to clean.
  • Meat/Fish – Add 1 oz to water and soak for 1-5 min.
  • Toothbrush – Soak bristles in 1 oz in shot glass overnight.
  • Surfaces – Spray and wipe all household surfaces.
  • Dishes – Add 2 oz to each dishwasher load.
  • Laundry – Add 3 oz to each washer load.
  • Gray Water Households – Wash everything!
  • Dog Breath – Spray in dog’s mouth and brush if possible!
  • Skunk Odor – Pour 1 bottle on affected animal.

You can order the new 32 ounce non-GMO Essential Oxygen Hydrogen Peroxide economical refill bottle online at

Retailers can order direct at: [email protected] or from the following distributors/warehouses who have brought it in so far:

  • Threshold
  • Palko
  • Select Nutrition East
  • Super Natural Distributors
  • UNFI East: Iowa City & Atlanta, Chesterfield, Twin Cities, York, Dayville, Greenwood, Hudson Valley, Sarasota, Racine, and UNFI West: Moreno Valley, Rocklin, and Lancaster  warehouses

If you really want to be blown away by how and why it works and ways to use it, check out this video:

Thanks for cleaning responsibly!


Your friends at Essential Oxygen

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