It's official! Essential Oxygen is Now a Certified B Corp™

Essential Oxygen is proud to announce that we are now a Certified B Corporation®, joining a community of purpose-driven companies dedicated to making a positive impact worldwide.

At Essential Oxygen, we hold a positive outlook on the world and society's future. The power and vibrance of nature inspires us with hope and amazement. Nevertheless, we are aware of the current global hurdles, such as climate change, economic disparities, gender inequalities, and pollution.

It is not solely the responsibility of governments and nonprofits to address these challenges; businesses play a vital role in tackling these complex issues. We strongly advocate that businesses should strive to have a positive impact and contribute to a better world through their initiatives. And, that's where B Corp™ comes in.

What is a Certified B Corporation®?

Certified B Corporation, commonly known as a B Corp™, is a for-profit organization that upholds the highest standards of third-party verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to harmonize profit and purpose. The B Corp™ community aims to address issues like inequality and poverty, while championing the causes of environmental sustainability, vibrant communities, and the creation of meaningful jobs. This innovative business model prioritizes utilizing profits to drive positive impacts for employees, local communities, and the environment.

To become a B Corp™, companies must meet a minimum verified score on the B Lab™ Assessment, a comprehensive evaluation of their impact across all operations, including employee relations, customer care, community impact, and environmental responsibility. With the guidance from B Lab™, we will continue to use this framework to shape our future sustainability efforts and enhance our Impact Score.

Why Did Essential Oxygen Choose To Become a Certified B Corporation®?

Essential Oxygen was founded with the mission to do no harm to people, plants, or the planet. Kate Linforth, the Founder and CEO of Essential Oxygen, places great emphasis on this fundamental principle.

"In today's business environment, it's essential for brands to express their core values. The B Corp Certification® serves as a symbol of reliability for customers, showcasing a dedication that goes beyond product quality to encompass the environment, community, and employees as significant stakeholders. Essential Oxygen has embraced these principles since its inception and is proud to be associated with a community of socially conscious organizations as a Certified B Corporation®."

Looking to the Future

Although achieving B Corp Certification® is a significant milestone worth celebrating, we recognize there is much more work ahead. Leah Gray O'Connor, Essential Oxygen's Sustainability + Social Impact Manager, acknowledged that obtaining this certification signifies only the beginning of Essential Oxygen's journey as a Certified B Corp™:

"With this certification, we are strengthening our commitment and accountability to further our mission as a Business For Good across all areas of the organization. In order to achieve our goal of an annual increase of our B Impact Score™, it requires continuous support, commitment, and leadership at every level of our organization. We are very excited about this next step in Essential Oxygen's evolution.

With this certification, we strive to raise awareness of how businesses can positively shape the future of the planet. Every day, our spending choices have an impact. Let's support companies that are committed to regenerating our planet and our communities."

Innovation and continuous evolution is essential in the natural health and wellness space, as well as in business practices, so please circle back as we will continue to progress towards a happier and healthier future - for both people and planet.

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