• What is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and How is it Used?

    Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a highly purified form of hydrogen peroxide and is safe to use around food or on surfaces that come into contact with food because it does not contain toxic stabilizers. 
  • Essential Oxygen BR Rinse Named Best Organic Mouthwash

    Best Reviews, a reader-supported online publication, tested more than 30 organic mouthwashes and Essential Oxygen was voted "best of the best!
  • Essential Oxygen BR Organic Toothpaste is now available in Wintergreen and Cinnamint flavors!

    Customers asked for it, and now it’s here: two new delicious flavors of our BR | Organic Toothpaste! New Wintergreen toothpaste and Cinnamint toothpaste are powered by hydrogen peroxide and have the same certified organic ingredients of our popular peppermint toothpaste. 

  • Essential Oxygen Featured on CNN!

    CNN featured Essential Oxygen's HP Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in their article, How to clean humidifiers and dehumidifiers for healthier air, according to experts, on December 9, 2022.

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