Welcome and thank you for taking a closer look at the magic that makes Essential Oxygen and our products extraordinary!


Our story begins in 2005 when I started a raw superfoods booth at a farmer's market in Austin, Texas. My products quickly gained fame for their innovative formulations and irresistibly delicious flavors. I was in a particularly grounded, clear, and joyful time in my life, but I had a mouthful of oral issues that I had inherited from my parents. They both had false teeth by age fifty. Although I took impeccable care of my teeth, I was headed down their same path with deep gum pockets, tooth sensitivity, and excessive tartar buildup.

In hopes of saving my teeth, I dove deeply into research and experimentation. My quest led me to an extraordinary discovery: the transformative power of food grade hydrogen peroxide and essential oils.

 Just three days of using our BR | Organic Mouthwash + Brushing Rinse, and I witnessed a remarkable transformation. Compliments flooded in for my radiant bright smile, free from tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding. A month later, my dentist was astonished by the disappearance of my deep gum pockets and tartar buildup. I call this game-changing combination of food grade hydrogen peroxide and essential oils our crystalline cornerstone.

From this foundation, we have formulated a line of oral care and household products with the same unparalleled effectiveness. Not only do our products work brilliantly, they are 100% non-toxic for people and the planet.

With our Planet Positive Initiatives that feature and fund environmental crusaders each month, and as a B-Corp™, we believe that business should be a force for good. Currently, our focus is on developing increasingly regenerative packaging to minimize our ecological footprint. Jump in with us to create the beautiful world we know is possible. Fill your home with these exceptional products and revel in the joy of clean.

With Joy + Gratitude,
Kate Linforth
Founder and CEO