California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN) | Essential Oxygen Planet Positive Initiatives | July 2023
JULY 2023 | CalCAN, or the California Climate and Agriculture Network, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture practices in California in the face of climate change. They work on the legislative level to have impact on government bills. Their mission is to advance policies and programs that support farmers and ranchers in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing carbon sequestration, and building resilience to climate change impacts. CalCAN has had a significant impact on California's agriculture industry by advocating for and achieving policies such as the Healthy Soils Program and the Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program. Currently, CalCAN is focusing on initiatives such as advocating for climate-smart agriculture in the state's climate adaptation plan and supporting farmers in accessing funding for climate mitigation practices. Of greatest impact, they are currently working to move The U.S. Farm Bill in a more regenerative direction. If you are interested in supporting sustainable agriculture and combating climate change in California, CalCAN is an organization worth knowing about. Check our their work here

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