National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition | Essential Oxygen Planet Positive Initiatives | December 2023
DECEMBER 2023 | The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) is an impactful organization dedicated to advancing the cause of sustainable agriculture in the United States. With a mission centered on advocating for federal policies that support family farms, rural communities, and the environment, NSAC has made a significant impact on shaping agricultural policies that prioritize sustainability, resilience, and equity. Through their tireless efforts, NSAC has played a pivotal role in securing vital provisions in major farm bills, promoting conservation practices, bolstering organic agriculture, and championing equitable access to resources for historically underserved farmers. Their unwavering commitment to a more sustainable and just food system has garnered widespread recognition and respect within the agricultural and policy communities, making them a formidable force for positive change in the realm of American agriculture. Check them out here.

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