Abrasion Data

BR Organic Toothpaste is one of our newest and fastest growing products now that more and more consumers are demanding organic AND low abrasion. We spent over three years formulating an effective, organic toothpaste that would not erode healthy enamel and is safe for daily use, especially for people with sensitive teeth. Additionally, we developed BR On-Demand Tooth Polish, a minty fresh powder that allows individuals to control the frequency of using abrasion to remove tartar and surface film. 

What’s the big deal about BR Organic Toothpaste?

According to The Oral Health Research Institute, it’s now the lowest abrasion toothpaste on the market with a Relative Dentin Abrasivity level of 12 (see chart below for a list of RDA levels of various brands). Our BR Organic Toothpaste is the safest and most effective way to whiten teeth without damaging healthy enamel.

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