Fire Forward | Essential Oxygen Planet Positive Initiatives | April 2024
APRIL 2024 | Fire Forward is a pioneering initiative, through Audobon Canyon Ranch, dedicated to fostering resilient landscapes and communities in the face of wildfire challenges. With a mission to promote fire-adapted ecosystems and safeguard against the destructive impacts of wildfires, Fire Forward employs innovative strategies grounded in science, collaboration, and community engagement. Through prescribed fire, vegetation management, and community education, Fire Forward aims to restore ecological health, reduce fire risk, and enhance community preparedness. Their impact reverberates across landscapes as fire-adapted ecosystems thrive, communities become safer, and biodiversity flourishes. People can get involved with Fire Forward by participating in prescribed burns, volunteering for habitat restoration projects, attending educational workshops, or supporting their initiatives through donations and advocacy efforts, contributing to a future where landscapes and communities coexist harmoniously with fire. Learn more and sign up here.

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