Resilient Neighborhoods | Essential Oxygen Planet Positive Initiatives | March 2024
MARCH 2024 | We are excited to feature the inspiring work of Resilient Neighborhoods, a non-profit organization based in the Bay Area that provides programs to help communities take action on climate change. Their programs focus on reducing household carbon footprints and building community resilience to environmental challenges. Participants in their programs learn about sustainable living practices, such as reducing energy consumption, water conservation, and waste reduction, and work together to implement these practices in their own lives and neighborhoods. Over the past year their programs have helped over 1,200 local households reduce their carbon footprints by an average of 25%, resulting in a reduction of over 11,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions! Resilient Neighborhoods aims to create a culture of sustainability and environmental stewardship through community-based solutions. Some of our team members have been lucky enough to participate in their program and learned valuable practices to help us lead more intentional and responsible lifestyles. Check out their programs here.

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