The Watershed Project | Essential Oxygen Planet Positive Initiatives | April 2023
APRIL 2023 | We are featuring the impactful work of The Watershed Project, a Bay Area non-profit organization that aims to protect and restore local waterways through community-based education and action. Their programs include habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, and community engagement initiatives. In 2021, the organization was able to plant over 1,800 native plants, remove over 12,000 square feet of invasive species, and engage over 5,000 community members in their programs. The Watershed Project also conducts watershed education work with a focus on young people, including school field trips and teacher trainings, to educate the community about the importance of protecting local waterways and the actions they can take to help, by targeting students ranging from K-12, college students and community members. Check out more of their impacts by visiting their website here.

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