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The Pristine Protocol

What is The Pristine Protocol?

The 3-step system for your best oral health.

How do you use The Pristine Protocol?

Step 1: BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse: Pre-rinse to refreshingly clean your whole mouth.

Step 2: BR | Organic Toothpaste: Brush to whiten teeth and freshen your breath while loving your enamel.

Step 3: BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish: Sprinkle on top of BR | Organic Toothpaste as needed to get your teeth their pearly whitest.

See The Pristine Protocol here.

Do the entire Pristine Protocol morning and night, but only use the Polish up to one time daily, to avoid over-brushing your enamel. Additionally, enjoy BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse throughout the day – after snacks or meals – to keep your breath fresh all day long!

Do I always need to use all 3 steps together to see results?

We highly recommend using all three products of The Pristine Protocol to achieve your best and healthiest mouth ever – that’s why we like to call it our “triple-threat!” You can use the Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse as a rinse to brush with and still get great results. But when you add our BR | Organic Toothpaste + BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish you get the additional benefits of removing tartar and surface film. That’s why we stand behind the 3-step system as the best way to achieve optimal oral care!

BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse

How long should I swish with BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse?

Swish for 60 seconds and enjoy the foaming experience (this means it is working against bacteria!). 

Is it OK if I swallow a little of BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse by accident?

Our BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse is not intended to be swallowed. However, a small amount would probably be OK. If an entire mouthful or more is ingested, you may wish to contact Poison Control.

Is it OK to use BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse with braces?

No one has reported a problem with using BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse with braces. BR will whiten the whole tooth when the braces come off. It’s nice to have the extra cleansing power the mouthwash provides when brushing is impeded by the braces.

Is BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse safe for children?

For children under 12 years old, consult your dentist or physician.

Should I also use an abrasive in addition to BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse?

You can use our mouthwash as a "brushing rinse". When it foams, tilt your head back and brush away! If you have additional surface film stains or tend to build tartar, you may enjoy the results of using our BR | Organic Toothpaste and BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish.

Is lemon damaging to tooth enamel?

Lemon juice can be hard on tooth enamel. We use Lemon Essential Oil in our Brushing Rinse. We have found no data that it damages enamel.

Should I rinse with water after using BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse?

We suggest rinsing after brushing or swishing to stop the foaming action.

What is the complete ingredient list for BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse?

Purified water, food grade hydrogen peroxide, organic aloe vera, and organic essential oils including peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon & clove.

Does BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse contain any animal ingredients or by-products of animals?

No animals or animal by-products are used in any of our products. Additionally, all of our products are cruelty-free.

See all of our BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse sizes and flavors here.

BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish

Why is MSM an ingredient in the BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish?

MSM – or Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – is a sulfur compound that acts as an anti-inflammatory and provides joint pain relief, digestive support and promotes healthy skin. MSM naturally occurs in the human body, milk, fish, green vegetables and various grains but at a very low level that it would likely not have a health benefit. In order to produce MSM at therapeutic levels, all commercially available MSM goes through a purification process that results in an MSM product that has the same chemical structure as its source. In short, our MSM is derived from nature and undergoes a purification process (at a lab) so that it may be consistent with therapeutic levels.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, MSM may be helpful in relieving tooth pain and root infections as well as aide in the fight against gum disease. We love the idea that our customers receive all kinds of unique benefits from the carefully selected ingredients we include in The Pristine Protocol.

HP | Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade, 3%

Why does the HP | Hydrogen Peroxide sometimes bulge or bubble at the bottom?

Sometimes heat or exposure to light can cause the oxygen to expand and there is not enough room in the bottle, causing it to bloat. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the product when this occurs. This occasionally happens because we do not add any of the toxic stabilizers found in the brown bottle hydrogen peroxide.

What is the difference between Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and the brown bottle type found in drugstores?

The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) found in brown bottles in drugstores is industrial grade. HP | Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade does not contain toxic heavy metal stabilizers and is safe to use around food. You can even use it to wash food you intend to consume like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & grains, as well as fish, poultry and meat.

What is the difference between 3% and 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide can be diluted to varying strengths from 1% for oral use to 90% for rocket fuel. Solutions stronger than 6% are caustic and can burn your skin. Stronger solutions require hazardous handling fees when shipped. To be safe and because most personal and home uses don’t require more than a 3% solution, Essential Oxygen manufactures 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. When determining equivalency in recipes, 1 drop of 35% hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to 11 drops of 3%.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide safe for internal use?

We are not doctors and cannot recommend internal use of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Opinions are mixed about using hydrogen peroxide internally. “The One Minute Cure,” by Madison Cavanaugh and “Flood Your Body with Oxygen,” by Ed McCabe are a couple books on the subject.

What are other uses for HP | Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade, 3%?

Consider using our 32oz spray bottle in the kitchen as a way to clean without imparting any toxic residue. Here are some ways we use it:

  • In the sink after animal protein has been washed
  • To whiten and clean counters instead of using toxic, chlorine-based cleaners
  • To actually get the smell out of a trash can rather than just covering it up
  • To spray on berries and other fruits & veggies 
  • To soak produce and invigorate it
  • To brighten laundry and fight stains

See our HP | Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade, 3% products.


Are your products gluten-free?

None of the ingredients in our products contain gluten. None of the other products manufactured at our manufacturing facility contain gluten, but we cannot attest to the places where each individual ingredient has come into contact. It is highly unlikely that any of our ingredients come into contact with gluten, but because we do not test them for gluten, we cannot say so definitely.

How can I order Essential Oxygen products wholesale?

We offer bulk product discounts to qualifying businesses. To learn more, please visit our wholesale account registration page.

Who do I contact for media requests?


Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we only sell within the United States on our website. But you can order our products from or thousands of other online retailers that ship internationally.

Do you offer product subscriptions?

Yes. When you subscribe to a product you save an additional 5% (minimum of 3 billing cycles). Essential Oxygen offers subscriptions on all our products during non-sale periods. Coupon codes cannot be used on Subscribe & Save offers.


You can opt to receive your subscription every 30, 60 or 90 days. On the product page, select "Subscribe & Save" and then your desired frequency to receive the 5% discount.


  • After 3 billing cycles: You can cancel your subscription without penalty after 3 billing cycles by going to your unique subscription portal link provided in the original Subscribe & Save email confirmation. 
  • Prior to 3 billing cycles: You must contact our customer service department at or 415-871-0077 x1.  

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