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The Pristine Protocol: The 3-Step System for Your Best Smile Ever!

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Brushing your teeth will never be the same thanks to the Pristine Protocol!

This revolutionary three-step system for optimal oral health and a radiant smile is designed to customize oral care needs since every mouth is different, using only natural ingredients. The Pristine Protocol builds on the trusted ten-year results of the BR | Organic Mouthwash, the top selling natural mouthwash; adding two new products: BR | Organic Toothpaste & BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish.

The Pristine Protocol was developed over years of working closely with progressive dentists and listening to customer needs to determine that not one product, but a set of products was the answer to all oral issues. Dentists have largely noted that toothpastes are too abrasive, and causing a rise in teeth sensitivity – so ingeniously two of the three steps are completely low abrasion, and the third is an abrasion on-demand product.

Since ingredient quality and eco-friendliness were of utmost importance, The Pristine Protocol features organic, vegan, gluten free ingredients and no synthetic flavors. Additionally, the long-awaited USDA certified BR | Organic Toothpaste harnesses the benefits of coconut without using coconut oil that can clog your sink.



Step 1 | RINSE | BR | Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse

Step 2 | BRUSH | BR | Organic Toothpaste

Step 3 | POLISH | BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish

STEP 1: BR | Organic Mouthwash is our top selling, pre-rinse to refreshingly clean your whole mouth. Swish away bad breath and the bacteria that goes with it that can cause cavities and discoloration. Essential Oxygen was born over ten years ago when the company founder Kate Linforth, was on the verge of losing her teeth from advanced periodontal disease. She formulated the BR | Organic Mouthwash from food grade hydrogen peroxide, aloe vera and essential oils. She was overjoyed by what happened. Within three days her teeth had whitened dramatically and her tooth sensitivity was gone. Within a month her gums were healthy and her tartar was back in check. Others reported that they no longer got canker sores and that their breath was much fresher from using BR. The best part? It’s certified organic and has none of the ‘bad for you’ stuff like alcohol, fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate. BR low abrasion, safe for multiple times per day daily use, and can be used as a pre-rinse, in place of toothpaste, or on the go as mouthwash.

STEP 2: BR | Organic Toothpaste is a low abrasion toothpaste that works for all oral issues while loving your enamel. After more than five years of being perfected, BR | Organic Toothpaste is finally here to fight cavities, whiten teeth, promote gum health, freshen breath, and save sensitive teeth – all without ‘bad’ ingredients like fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), alcohol, or carrageenan. With many dentists concerned about toothpaste thinning enamel, Essential Oxygen created a low-abrasion paste for safe daily use. Based on the top selling BR | Organic Mouthwash, BR | Organic Toothpaste contains the same ingredients (plus more good stuff!), utilizing the proven effective power of food grade hydrogen peroxide and organic essential oils that are antibacterial and antifungal to work on all oral issues.

STEP 3:  BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish offers abrasion on-demand to get your teeth their pearly whitest while not taking down your enamel in the process. This minty tooth polish gives you the power to control how often you use abrasives on your teeth because every mouth is different! People with thin enamel can use the Tooth Polish once a week, and wine-loving, coffee-drinking, tartar-prone folks can use it 5 days a week. Everyone can enjoy that fresh-from-the-hygienist feeling.


Learn about The Pristine Protocol for your best smile ever.

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